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  • February 16, 2018

5 ways to find the right fulfillment center in Asia

It’s tough figuring out the best fulfillment option for your growing business.

So I want this guide to save you from wasting your time. Know exactly what you’re getting into with these 5 things:

1.) Communication

I find this very important when you’re contacting a fulfillment business in Asia. Someone that you can talk to without any issue cannot be emphasized enough. As long as your customer support representative understands entirely what you are looking for, and replies to your liking, then that’s a great step in the right direction. Don’t ever settle for horrible English. There should be no excuse for any company advertising their business in this language.

2.) Accountability

Do not let any company get away with pointing fingers or making excuses. Hold them to it. This business should be accountable and take the necessary corrective steps to solve the problem on their own. If they don’t, simply leave.

3.) Costs

Ask more than one fulfillment center for a quotation so you can compare and contrast which works best for you. Whether you want to have a center in China, Thailand, or Vietnam is entirely up to you. Also, make sure there are no minimums or contract required. Don’t get tied down. Have the freedom to leave as you please if you are ever displeased with their service.

4.) Customer Service

Is your account manager and his/her team seeing the project from start to finish? Are they asking you the right questions to make sure you’re taken care of? A good company will go above and beyond for their clients.

5.) Software

An excellent fulfillment software should be connected to a lot of the major technologies as well as the major local and worldwide courier companies. You should also be able to have around-the-clock access to it whenever you want to place an order for shipment whether you’re on mobile or desktop. Find out from those companies if you can either have a free-trial or have them explain further in detail what kind of online software they are currently using.

Global Speed, in affiliation with Yamagata Corporation specializes in fulfillment, SCM, kitting & assembly across Asia, Europe, and the US. Reach out to our English-speaking specialists today for a free quote.

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