Frequently Asked Questions.

Please contact us at with details on your project. If you would like information specifically for printing costs, you can request an estimate online.

Orders can be fulfilled in a single region or across multiple regions. Through our company network, data received by our headquarters can be processed at any location where we operate.

International order fulfillment is subject to customs, logistics, and supply chain. When orders are delivered outside the countries in which they are printed, our experts will determine the best way to manufacture your job based on the intended distribution.

Please visit the Become A Partner page for more information.

Our facilities in Japan have both Japan Color and G7. We only partner with vendors/partners who are nationally-certified in their respective countries (i.e. G7, Fogra, Japan Color, etc.).

Global facilities and partners are regularly inspected by our Japan auditor. This centralization of color management allows for tighter quality control and more accurate matching of colors across regions.

Same-day delivery is possible if we have material on hand and understand your needs. Typical turnaround times depends on your print project – most orders are delivered between three days and two weeks from the order submission date.

We started offering translation services in the mid-80’s after several automotive clients asked if we could publish their materials in foreign languages. As such, technical translation is our main strength and we have branched out into other industries such as IT, consumer electronics, and construction. Today we are capable of translating between most Asian and European languages and offer this service stand-alone or as a complement to other services.

We can translate between over 100 languages. For more information, please visit our translation and localization page.

Much like translation services, our creative services were brought about in response to a need for content that could be understood by domestic and foreign audiences alike. We offer creatives used by all industries – such as graphics design and desktop publishing – and those tailored to specific needs – such as technical illustration and visualization.

For more information, please see our creative services page.

Our main office and global communications hub is located in Yokohama, Japan. Our facilities include print production in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and Europe, and translation in Belgium and Tokyo. In addition, we have long-standing partnerships with printers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Our printing capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • bound materials
  • calendars
  • business cards
  • intricate packaging
  • photo books
  • folded brochures
  • free-standing posters
  • digital media (DVD, memory sticks, etc.)

Our standard equipment allows us to print in sizes up to 20m (65.6 feet) long by 3m (9.8 feet) wide. Larger sizes may be available upon request.

Selection of paper or substrate is critical to the success of your project. Depending on your placement ,usage, or expected life expectancy of the piece; are all things that should be taken into consideration when selecting your stock.

We typically use materials sourced from within our supplier networks, as this allows us to identify and attain stock quickly and at a lower price.

There are no specific restrictions on print materials. As many of our projects are international in nature, we are accustomed to finding exact or closest-matching materials, ensuring product consistency across regions.

Please click below for a basic calculator for converting between LBS and GSM.

Our primary courier in Japan is Yamato. However, depending on the type of product the courier may change. If you use a major international courier (e.g. FedEx, DHL), we can use your account number to deliver the order.

Paper differs greatly across regions and selecting the correct size and type factors into the quality and cost of the end product. If you are unsure of which paper to use, please consult a customer service representative and let us know about your print project. On request, Global Speed can provide mock-ups with exact size and weights of paper dummies.

Below is a basic calculator for converting between LBS and GSM paper weight formats.

We maintain a blog to curate news and trends in printing and international publishing.

Most likely, yes. We are familiar with nearly every standard of paper used commercially. In the unlikely situation where a paper type cannot be identified and sources, we can find a close approximate.

There is no minimum order requirement. Production ranges from one copy to millions.

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