Mailing & Distribution.

Finished and delivered on time


Mailing can vary in quality and expediency, even more so when the recipient is in a different region.  Each country has nuances on how a piece can mail and what postage rate it can mail at.

Direct marketers in the United States are accustomed to being able to order mailing lists based on demographic data, such as income and age. However, Japan and other markets have different classifications on what is considered private information.

Global Speed can help you navigate through the red tape and get your next direct marketing campaign delivered.

Our services include:

  • mail piece design
  • postage optimization
  • tracking and delivery verification
  • mailing list services


Our global network can print and distribute from anywhere in the world, managing the hassles of customs and logistics. We can deliver on-demand print jobs as soon as the next business day.

Global Speed’s efficient ordering process and vast network of partners provides our staff with around-the-clock access to the status of each job. This ensures that your orders are finished and dispatched in a timely manner, regardless of location.

We offer:

  • storage and fulfillment
  • drop shipments
  • clean room and secured storage
  • kitting and custom assembly of items
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