Meet Our Team.

The Global Speed team has over 100 collective years of experience. Our international office works in both Japanese and English.

ray camacho

Ray Camacho


Ray Camacho co-founded Global Speed with Kohei Yamagata in 2015. Prior to joining GS he was the president of a joint-venture in Japan between Yamagata Corporation and CGX. Ray has an undergraduate degree in printing from Appalachian University. Originally from New York, he currently resides in Tokyo, Japan.

keisuke mark saito

Keisuke “Mark” Saito

Director of Sales

Keisuke Mark Saito has spent 19 years in the U.S. working with publishing, printing and technical writing companies as a sales and business development manager before joining the Yamagata Group and becoming President of Global Speed in 2015. Bilingual in both Japanese and English, he enjoys bridging the gap between Japan and countries from around the world.

kohei yamagata

Kohei Yamagata


Kohei Yamagata is GS's co-founder and in charge of sales. He has experience in the sales and translation market in Europe and Japan. Kohei has a degree in Business and Marketing from Oxford Brookes University in the UK. He loves football and rugby and he used to play rugby for a local and university team.

akira hashiguchi

Akira Hashiguchi

Production Director

Akira is in charge of Vendor Management at Global Speed. Originally, a native of Nagasaki in Kyushu Prefecture with over 32 years of print industry experience. His background in print sourcing and project management guarantees job specific requirements always meet client specifications.

masafumi komatsu

Masafumi “Dr. Dot” Komatsu

Director Color Management

Masafumi is the Director of Color Management at Global Speed. He is responsible for the overall deliverables and resources related to color matching. His keen eye for detail ensures all of our partners complies with Japan Color, G7, or Fogra color management standards. Masafumi currently lives in Kawagoe, Japan with his wife and daughter.

daisuke kudo

Daisuke Kudo

Customer Support Specialist

Daisuke is in charge of Customer Service for Global Speed. His fluency in Japanese, French, and English provides all of our overseas clients with an around-the-clock transparency of their orders and facilitations of just in time deliveries. His hobbies include Japanese comic books, movies, and music.

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