Our Capabilities.

Standing out in Asia and across the globe

Multilingual customer support

Global Speed is one of few full-service Japanese printing companies which offers customer support in English and Japanese. We use both languages internally, and this multilingual approach to operations is reflected in the way we communicate with customers and partners.

Quality control

In Japan, quality is the most sacred value of production. Global Speed adheres to principles of Japanese quality – both in terms of processes and aesthetics – in any territory where it operates.

Global standardized color management

To control consistency and quality, Global Speed standardizes color using secured cloud data sharing among all members involved in production. We ensure that your specified colors are the same ones which appear on the finished product.

print press japan

Rapid response

In keeping with our name, Global Speed operates at the pace of global business. Printing can be processed and shipped as early as same day, and our translators and creatives can begin projects as soon as they are received.

translation keyboard

Concept to product delivery

There is no need to use multiple vendors when you are distributing in multiple countries. Global Speed has a streamlined process of translating, printing, and distributing across the globe, saving you time and money and eliminating hassle.

Worldwide reach

We have facilities across major markets in Asia, Europe, and North America. In addition, we are partnered with reputable local vendors who have demonstrated adherence to our standards. All parties work together to deliver a quality product to our clients, wherever they might be.




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