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  • March 21, 2017

Printed Handout Materials by the Season


Tissue box

Perhaps the most essential item on this list relative to its season is tissue. Japanese spring hay fever is notorious among residents and tourists alike and is so prevalent that springtime weather reports cover pollen levels as much as they do the actual weather from February to April.

While a mere tissue packet is appropriate for street-level marketing, if you want something that is going to stay in someone’s memory a bit longer then consider a printed tissue box. It provides more advertising space and will likely receive a prime piece of real estate on someone’s office desk.

gold bar shaped tissue box



A handkerchief makes for a good year-round handout, but in the summer people will appreciate it. Japanese summers exceed 30 degrees in temperature and are stiflingly humid. Couple this with the fact that people will still wear full suits to work and the handkerchief becomes a necessity.

Unlike other items on this list, the handkerchief has a long lifespan. It is more expensive to produce and print, but will likely stay with a person throughout the season and perhaps beyond.

hand cream sample handout


Moisturiser cream

While the summer is humid, around mid-autumn the weather takes a turn for the opposite and becomes arid. With cool temperature and dry air, it’s common for people in Japan to experience dry skin.

Moisturiser cream is one of those things that you’re unlikely to carry around with you but wish that you had when it’s needed. It’s an opportunistic handout material, one with really hit the spot if the recipient is ill-prepared for the change in weather.


Hand warmer

Outside Sapporo, Japanese winters are not a cold as those in Europe or Canada. However, Japanese residential buildings (houses, apartments) are traditionally designed to maximise airflow for cooling during the summer months and generally lack central heating. It’s not uncommon for people to wear personal warming items under their clothing, both at home and outside.

A hand warmer is the kind of handout that people will appreciate and are very likely to use. Although they may only see the branding briefly when they remove the warmer from its packaging, the sentiment should stick around.

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